Reflections on cherry blossoms, impermanence, the pathos of things, the Dreamer of Subsistence, transcending finitude, Koyasan, the quintessential Japanese experience

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You are a young and lovely Pacific Islander Plus — plus light and dark, and Asian. You are all the colors of the world. How did your orphan-name Mimi Z become Mimi Zakura?

Hi Skyler,

It occurred five years ago in Kyoto, Japan.

One lovely Spring day, I was invited to join the innkeeper for hanami, a cherry blossom viewing party. Late in the afternoon, Yamamoto-san, his wife, adult daughter and I set out for the picnic. …

The kungfu prodigy who manipulated Qi to master the wind got pissed (on)

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Early 20th Century Shanghai

Sing and Buddy swaggered to the phlegmatic young man roosting on the banged-up remains of a car seat, reading an old newspaper.

“My boss needs a haircut,” Sing growled to the haircutter, gesturing to Buddy, who gazed coolly into the distance.

“Yes, sir,” he replied, giving up the seat for his only customer.

Buddy heaved his hefty frame onto the settee, which immediately toppled under his weight.

“You’re dead!” Sing shrieked at the barber as he rushed to pull Buddy out of the dent in the seat.

“What? I’ll sue you instead for damaging my property,” the youth retorted as…

Conversation with God: To be or not to be, and if I jumped from a cliff, will I turn into a Butterfly, or will the Butterfly turn into me?

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The far-off snow-capped mountains glisten under the midday sun. The view is picture-perfect from where I perch, miles away at the edge of a rugged cliff. But I perceive the filth and stench of its disorderly imperfections up close and personal. Like its denizens, I too, am ceaselessly caught up in the same invariable dramas from time immemorial.

So don’t feel sorry for me, dear world. I’ve had enough. I am ready to go. Contrary to popular opinions, suicide is not an act of cowardice, for despite everything, people seek immortality rather than extinction.

I clamber from the ledge. Leaning…

Lesson on bending reality from the One sitting on the Dais

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Again and again, the boys and girls in scrubs approach and repeat the question, “Why did you try to take your own life?”

IT is a Grasshopper that’s sitting on the dais, I say. But they don’t get it.

The interns crowd around me with their textbook learning like I’ve lost my mind, when I have merely discerned the unseen reality behind this one. I have been to the other side. I tell them the truth but they think I’m stark raving mad. Still, they persist, “Why did you overdose?”

I have lived a thousand lives. Died a thousand deaths…

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The turmoil in Hong Kong is still going on full steam. Is an end in sight?

Backgrounder: During the Qing Dynasty, European countries pursued commercial opportunities in the Middle Kingdom. In order to balance its trade deficit, Great Britain aggressively introduced opium into the country. The Chinese effort to curb the widespread addiction led to battles, known as the Opium Wars, with the British. Defeated, China signed several Unequal Treaties with European countries, America and Japan, two of which involved Great Britain’s acquisition of Hong Kong Island in 1841, and Kowloon in 1860. These were followed by a 99-year lease…

Moon Q

Moon Q is a broody ancient, and an untrendy scatterbrain, bumbling on whatever catches her flitting fancy.

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